Ultrasonic Generator For Plastic Welding

Ultrasonic power sources are often referred to as ultrasonic sources, ultrasonic generators, and ultrasonic electronics boxes. It is a major component of high power ultrasound systems. Its function is to generate a high-power high-frequency AC signal to drive the ultrasonic transducer to work.

Ultrasonic Generator  For Plastic Welding

The principle of ultrasonic welding by the ultrasonic digital generator 50/60 Hz current is converted into 15,20,30 or 40 kHz energy, even reach
70khz. The high frequency electrical energy is converted by the transducer is again converted into a mechanical movement of the same frequency, followed by the mechanical motion transmitted to the weld head through a set can change the amplitude modulator means. The welding head will be received by the vibration energy transmitted to the engaging portion of the workpiece to be welded, in the region, the vibration energy is by friction by conversion into heat, the plastic melts. Ultrasonic can not only be used to weld the hard thermoplastic fabrics and films can also be processed.

Competitive Advantage:

1. Intelligent three protection and fault alarm: Die-current protection, frequency offset protection, total output is too large to protect. Equipment failure, the generator will stop working, and make the appropriate cause of function prompts until technician troubleshooting.

2. Intelligent closed-loop amplitude control technology to achieve the amplitude adjustment, independent of input supply voltage and load fluctuations affect the amplitude of the output remains constant.

  3. Two kinds of welding mode: switch back and forth, so that a higher precision welding, soldering and better results.






Output power


Frequency tuning method

Auto tuning


220V 50/60HZ



Environment temperature


Cycle Rate







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