Ultrasonic Digital Electronic Box 20Khz

The ultrasonic generator, also called ultrasonic driving power supply, electronic box, control box, is an important part of high power ultrasonic system

Ultrasonic Generator An ultrasonic generator comprising an ultrasonic transducer having a natural frequency at which the dynamic admittance becomes maximum; a main circuit consisting of a switching circuit or first current regulator and a second current regulator connected in series to said switching circuit or first current regulator, the ultrasonic transducer being interconnected between an electrical source and the junction between said switching circuit or first current regulator and the second current regulator; a driving circuit for alternately driving the switching circuit or first current regulator and the second current regulator at a frequency equal to or substantially equal to the natural frequency of the ultrasonic transducer, thereby supplying the driving current thereto; and a feedback circuit for deriving an AC voltage in proportion to the magnitude of the driving current and feeding back this voltage to the driving circuit.







Output power


Frequency tuning method

Auto tuning


220V 50/60HZ



Environment temperature


Cycle Rate





Machine features:

1 This machine has ultraonic big power ,MAX:3000w,and it can be adjusted to be bigger midler or smaller power ,suite for different materals ,different thick of materal’s welding requestment 

2 It has installed computer chip, has much way to protect system, Ensure the stable operation of mainframe

3  Ultrasonic welding mold can be lenthen life ,improve the quality of production

4 This machine has PLC control system ,easy to operate 

5 This machine meeted with international standard .


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