Replacement Telsonic 35K Ultrasonic Converter With Outer Covering

Replacement Telsonic 35K Ultrasonic Converter With Outer Covering

The 35Khz Replacement Telsonic Ultrasonic Converter with Steel Use Stainless (SUS) Protective Housing is applied to Telsonic type ultrasonic welding machine. The transducer converts high-frequency electrical energy into high-frequency mechanical vibrations.

Replacement Telsonic 35K Ultrasonic Converter 

With Outer Covering


Converters or Transducers all do the same thing…convert electrical energy to mechanical movement…so we have our electrical charge being introduced across the surface of the ceramics at the desired frequency which in turn gives us a movement or vibration at the working end on the converter.

The converter is threaded onto a booster, which increases, decreases or just transfers the amount of movement from the face of the converter to the horn or Sonotrode as we call it.


Model: Telsonic 35K Replacement

Connect screw: M8*1.25

Ceramic diameter: 25mm

Qty of ceramic: 4pcs

Frequency: 35Khz

Capacitance: 4000nf

Application: Welding machine

Power: 1200W


1.Adopt the imported chips

2.High output power

3.High quality

4.Already export to USA, Europe, Asia ,Middle East etc country

5.15KHz-70KHz,100w-6000w supplied

6.Stable output is unaffected by load changes


1. Welding: Ultrasonic riveted, Ultrasonic spot welding

2. Cutting:Food Cutting, Raw Rubber Cutting, Woven Fabric Cutting , Non-woven Fabric Cutting, Label Fabric Cutting, Glass Fiber Fabric Cutting

3. Sonochemistry: Sonochemistry Extraction, emulsifying, Biodiesel Processing


1.Seaworthy pack: Bubble pack+stretch films+wood frame with marks of product information

2.Packing method can be also changed according to the clients' special requirement


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