30K Ultrasonic Cutter For Automobile Headliner

30K Ultrasonic Cutter For Automobile Headliner

Specification: Principle The ultrasonic cutting machine is composed of Ultrasonic transducer, ultrasonic booster, ultrasonic cutting knife and ultrasonic generator. ● Ultrasonic generator It converted the high frequency high voltage AC current to the ultrasonic transducer. Ultrasonic transducers...

30K Ultrasonic Cutter for Automobile Headliner


A sharp cutting edge, which is difficult for water-jet or laser cutting, can be easily performed by our ultrasonic cutters.

Ultrasonic Cutters are small in size and do not require large installation areas. Special equipment is not required for the installation. Ultrasonic Cutters are small enough to be hand-held for many operations.

Ultrasonic Cutters can also be attached to automated machinery arms. Although they may not be familiar to you, they play an active role in the manufacturing processes of various industrial products which we use daily.


1. Non-metallic materials including plastics, film, fiberglass-reinforced plastic and non-woven fabrics. 

2. Automotive interior components such as door trim, steering wheels, instrument panels, consoles and HVAC molded components.

3. Most all injected, vacuum, rotational or blow molded parts for general industry usage.


1. Improves cut quality for carpets, headliners, plastics.

2. Ultrasonic Cutters do not emit noise, smoke and cause air contamination

3. Easy to attached to automated machinery arms

4. Creates finely finished and structured objects

5. Vibration enables various shapes for cutting holes

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