Customized Plastic Ultrasonic Converter With Different Frequency For Welding

Customized Plastic Ultrasonic Converter With Different Frequency For Welding

The converter is the core part of ultrasonic equipment, It's quality always decided the lifetime of the ultrasonic welding/cutting/sealing machines.

Customized Plastic Ultrasonic Converter With Different Frequency for welding


We can provide customized ultrasonic converter with different frequency.
The transducer converts high-frequency electrical energy into high-frequency mechanical vibrations. And it contains several piezoelectric ceramic discs sandwiched under pressure between two metal blocks. Between each disc is a thin metal plate, which forms the electrode. When a sinusoidal electrical signal is fed to the transducer via the electrodes, the discs expand and contract, producing axial vibrations.

Replacement Item:

Item NoConnect Screw (Size)Ceramic diameter
Qty of ceramic
Frequency(khz)Resistance(Ω)Color of ceramicCapacitanceInput Power
Branson CJ201/2-20UNF50619.9010Yellow200003300
Branson 5021/2-20UNF50619.9010Yellow200003300
Branson 402M8*1.2525439.6010Yellow4200800
Branson 4THM8*1.2525439.9010Yellow4200800
Branson 9021/2-20UNF40419.8510Yellow80001100
Branson 922J1/2-20UNF50619.9010Yellow200002200
Dukane 40KM8*1.2535239.805Gray3000800
Dukane 20K1/2-20UNF50219.5010Yellow110002000
Dukane 110-31221/2-20UNF50419.5010Yellow110002000
Dukane 110-31681/2-20UNF45219.5010Yellow4000800
Rinco 35KM8*1.2525234.8050Yellow2000900
Rinco 20KM16*250219.9050Yellow50003000
Telsonic 35KM8*1.2525435.005Yellow40001200
Telsonic 20K1/2-20UNF50420.003Yellow100002500

Competitive Advantage:

1. High conversion efficiency

2. Low price of raw materials

3. Convenient production

4. Not easy to aging

5. Wide scope of application

Confirm the Size, Appearance, shell, connector could be customized as per request.


1. What is vibrator?

Vibrator is connector of transducer, booster and welding horn.

2.What is the mechanical quality factor?

The ratio of mechanical energy stored during resonance of piezoelectric vibrators to that lost during a vibration period is called mechanical quality factor.


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