Ultrasonic Sealing Machine 35Khz For Diapers

Ultrasonic Sealing Machine 35Khz For Diapers

Our seam welding solutions are used to bond synthetic textiles such as PVC, polyester, polypropylene, coatings, filtration and technical fabrics.Ultrasonic sewing machines are versatile and easy to use for simultaneous stitching, cutting, cutting, trimming, bonding, embossing or cutting and sealing.​

Ultrasonic Sealing Machine 35Khz For Diapers


Ultrasonic welding has become increasingly popular in many industries.

Ultrasonic waves are also preferred for thermoplastic materials, such as for separating fabrics so that there is no material thickening along the cutting edges.

No consumables such as glue, staples or sewing threads are required. The fabric remains intact because there is no external heat to enter the wool. The location, shape and displacement of the solder joints can even support the desired properties of the composite.







35 KHz


800 W

Rotary Welding Horns Width

12 mm

Power Adjust Method

File or Continuous

The Horns Surface Hardness

More than HRC56

Real-time Display

Working Frequency and Working Current

Synchronizing Wheel Specifications

46XL Trapezoidal Tooth,Width16mm

Synchronizing Belt Matched

The Length is not more than730mm,the Width 12mm

Allowable Rotation Speed

100 r/min.

Install Bolt

M8, 4 pcs


Ultrasonic sewing equipment uses a patented rotating system that combines high frequency vibrations rather than needles, threads, glue or other adhesives to bond synthetic or hybrid materials containing up to 40% natural fibers.


1. Eliminate wear or looseness of bonded edges and seams

2. Versatile and thousands of designs available

3. Require minimum training and maintenance

4. Ultra-strong ultrasonic power meets the needs of different fabric thicknesses


No stitching, trimming and embossing of glue, thread or other consumables.

It is faster and more economical than traditional sewing machines and bonding methods. Used to bond synthetic textiles such as PVC.


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