Continuous Ultrasonic Sealing & Cutting Machine For Stitched Fabrics

ALTRASONIC offers a new, trendsetting-welding technology that fulfils high quality requirements through its reliability and precision. Versatile application such as for clothing, active wear or underwear etc. makes our machines a good supplement to conventional production.

Continuous Ultrasonic Sealing & Cutting Machine for Stitched Fabrics


Ultrasonic seaing & cutting machine is widely used in the seamless garment industry where ultrasonic welding between two panels is required, such as “Line Bonding” application. The ultrasonic sealing & cutting machine will cut & seal fabric panels simultaneously. When reopening the fabric panels after the cut & seal operation there bonding line will be nearly invisible and the seam will not be thicker than the fabric itself.





1. Machine is controlled by PLC (programmable controller)

2. The sewing force is accurately controlled

3. Changing the wheel is very easy and a selection of different wheels are available

4. Fabric thickness can be selected to optimize performances

5. Due to its unique design the machine is particularly suitable for stretch fabrics such as knits and lycra and making it the most valuable tool for casual wear and underwear industry

6. The 35 kHz ultrasonic system assures a very quite operation mode


Packaging, knitting products, sport wear, bed cover, window shades, shower mask, satin, surgery mask, umbrella edge lace, Christmas decoration ornaments and others.




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