Ultrasonic Car Seat Belt Buckle Welding Machine

Ultrasonic Car Seat Belt Buckle Welding Machine

Description: Ultrasonic welding equipment can be easily customized to fit the exact specifications of the parts being welded. The parts are sandwiched between a fixed shaped nest (anvil) and a sonotrode (horn) connected to a transducer, and a ~20 kHz low-amplitude acoustic vibration is emitted....

Ultrasonic Car Seat Belt Buckle Welding Machine

car seat belt buckle 1Ultrasonic plastic welding


Auto belt buckle ultrasonic welding machine is also called abs car seat belt buckle buckle welding equipment, abs material ultrasonic welding effect is good, there are many types of belt buckle, according to the product customized ultrasonic mold, ultrasonic welding strength meets customer requirements.


Model: HSW20B
Frequency: 20k
Power: 2600w
Voltage: 200-240V
Current: 10A
The largest welding area: Φ200mm
Tool head material: titanium alloy or aluminum alloy
Welding head stroke: 100mm
Welding time setting: Range 0.01-9.99S
Generator: digital generator
Working mode: time mode and energy mode


1. Different safety belts have faces that are curved, some have flat surfaces, and the corresponding molds are different.

2. The car seat belt buckle needs to be designed with an ultrasonic welding line, designed in one week of the positioning groove, and the overflow glue overflows inside.

3. After welding, after destroying the product, it is seen that the welding line is melted, which proves that the welding effect is very good.

4. The surface is a flat safety buckle suitable for the surface of the ultrasonic mold

5. The curved surface is a flat belt buckle with an ultrasonic mold suitable for surface curvature. Ultrasonic mold is made of aerospace aluminum, suitable for 15K ultrasonic welding machine

6. The car seat belt buckle and the ultrasonic welding machine are guaranteed for one year, and the ultrasonic mold is guaranteed for three months. The whole machine is maintained for life.

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