Impedance Analyzer With Touching Screen

Easy Operation portable Ultrasonic Components Measuring For TRZ Horn and Ceramic Analysis Introduction: The Measuring instrument which can easily replace much more complex and more complicated, also many times more expensive instruments from Agilent/HP, as for instance: HP Impedance Gain-Phase...

Impedance Analyzer With Touching Screen


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Parameters that can be measured by impedance analysis software.Judging product defects by admittance circle and logarithmic curve at a glance.The test data can be stored, printed and traceable on the computer.Impedance scanning curve can be printed to facilitate sample analysis and archiving.One-click start-up test function, simple operation, high production efficiency



Parameters description

Fs:resonant frequency

F1 and F2: Half power point

Gmax: Maximum conductance

R1: Dynamic impedance

Fp: Antiresonant frequency

Qm: Mechanical quality factor

CT: Capacitance

L1:Dynamic inductance

C1: Dynamic capacitance

C0: Static capacitance

Keff: Effective electromechanical coupling coefficient

Kp: Plane electromechanical coupling coefficient

Pm: The phase value of the resonant frequency point

Zm: Minumum impedance value

Fm:Minimum impedance frequency


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