30Khz Automation Ultrasonic Welding Machine Assembly For Precision Plastic Parts

The function of the 40khz 500w ultrasonic transducer is to convert the input electrical power into mechanical power (ie, ultrasonic waves) and then pass it out, while consuming a small portion of the power itself.

30K Ultrasonic Assembly for Precision Plastic Parts




The two plastic parts are welded together without pre-designing the bonding wire to achieve the purpose of welding. For larger workpieces, it is not easy to design the workpiece of the welding wire for point welding, and the welding effect can be achieved, and multiple points can be spot welded at the same time.


Frequency: 30K

Power: 500W

Voltage: 220±10V

Horn: ≤10mm

Weight: 1.0Kg

Generator: Digital generator


Electronic and electrical appliences, auto parts, clothing, packaging, textile industry, environmental protection industry, medical equipment, toy industry, communications equipment and other industries.


  1. Fast welding speed, usually can be completed within 1 seconds

  2. High welding strength, good sealing performance, can maintain and material strength.

  3. Effective energy saving, healthy environmental protection.




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