60kHz Ultrasonic System For Scalpel In Medicine

60kHz Ultrasonic System For Scalpel In Medicine

Ultrasonic welding machine can be used for the thermoplastic products welding, riveting, spot welding and metal and plastic parts between the mosaic and edge pressing process, tao tide backward with chemical and organic melting point paste process, with low energy consumption, high efficiency, no deformation, no pollution, welding firm, easy to operate and other characteristics.

60kHz Ultrasonic System for Scalpel in Medicine


Ultrasonic scalpel is an important application of therapeutic ultrasonic. Ultrasonic scalpel is a kind of high frequency electrosurgical equipment, which is mainly used for cutting biological tissue and closing blood vessels. It has the characteristics of less bleeding, less damage to the surrounding tissues and rapid postoperative recover. Our company provides high-frequency ultrasonic system in ultrasonic scalpel to assist the operation.


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Housing diameter


Weight of welder



Medical industry


1. Good hemostatic effect;

2. Accurate cutting;

3. High security;

4. Rapid postoperative recovery and good prognosis;

5. No burns and little damage to surrounding tissues.


1. Suction ultrasonic scalpel: the scalpel is composed of a host, a treatment sound head and a suction device. The cavitation effect of ultrasonic is utilized to crush the diseased tissue or the tissue to be removed, and then scalpel is pumped out to complete the treatment.

2. Cutting ultrasonic scalpel: it is composed of a host and a treatment sound head. It uses the ultrasonic effect of the treatment sound head and high-frequency mechanical vibration to cut and separate tissues.


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