35K Ultrasonic Spot Welder With Customized Welding Horn

35K Ultrasonic Spot Welder With Customized Welding Horn

Specifications: Gun type : in accordance with the shape design of human body engineering, ultrasonic start switch is located on the trigger, easy to grasp and use the welding operation, especially suitable for horizontal or vertical. Cylinder type: for the appearance of design straight,...
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35K Handheld Ultrasonic Plastic Welder with Digital Generator


   Ultrasonic energy is transmitted to the welding zone through the upper welding parts. Due to the high acoustic resistance at the welding zone, i.e. the interface between two welding surfaces, local high temperature will be generated.

   Due to the poor thermal conductivity of plastic, it can not be distributed in a timely manner. It is concentrated in the welding zone, resulting in the rapid melting of the contact surfaces of two plastics.When the ultrasonic wave stops working, let the pressure continue for a few seconds to solidify and form, thus forming a solid molecular chain, to achieve the purpose of welding, the welding strength can be close to the strength of the raw material

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What we can do for you,

1. OEM - special custom-made the ultrasonic transducers or parts for you, and save cost for you.
2. Supply Replacement converter - Including NTK, Branson CJ20, CR20, 922JA..., Dukane 110-3122, Rinco brand and so on.
3. For some special items, you can provide us with samples, then we can give you a competitive price and custom-made it for you.

Applicable industries:

All material with thermoplasticity can use ultrasonic welding machine, it can welding the material more easy and stable, such like plastic, fabric, ABS, nonwovens.



CE Certification: