Ultrasonic Rotary Welding Machine 20khz 2000w

Ultrasonic Rotary Welding Machine 20khz 2000w

Ultrasonic metal welder is developed and manufactured by Hangzhou Altrasonic Technology Co., Ltd, which is specifically used to weld aluminum foil and other metals assembly parts.

ultrasonic rotary welding machine



Ultrasonic metal welder is developed and manufactured by Hangzhou Altrasonic Technology Co., Ltd, which is specifically used to weld aluminum foil and other metals assembly parts. the ultrasonic weld of metals can be effected without the use of any flux and adhesive. Some of its advantages are high welding speed. Great strength small deformation, quality reliability, and clean and delicate joint.

The welder is composed of ultrasonic generator, transducer and carriage. The ultrasonic generator has the controlling circuit which consists of up to date integrated circuits. The circuit is equipped with an overload protection device. The power amplifying circuit adopts a self-driving switch oscillator. Which includes automatic frequency track and its output power can be adjusted automatically to load change so it is easy to adjust. The ultrasonic generator adopts import high power transistor and high quality piezoelectric crystal. The transducer has high transforming efficiency, and can work for a long time. The welding tip is made of high quality alloy steel specially used for ultrasonic tool, and it wears very well.


Operating Frequency :      20 ±1KHz;

Maximum Ultrasonic Output Power:  2200w

Welding Rate:    4-8m/min (According To the Thickness Of   The Material)

Welding Thickness of Beaten Aluminum:      0.2-0.5mm(According  To the Quality Of The Material)

Diameter of Horn:   Dia  51mm

Operating Mode:     Automatic, Manual Test

Operating Pneumatic Pressure :  0.2-0.6Mpa

Power:   AC220V±5% ,50Hz±1%


Generator :  450×600×160mm3

Stand:   400×330×220 mm3

Operating Ambient Temperature:             0-50℃

Motor:      Three Phase AC 220V Conversion Motor  (51KGV20)


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