Ultrasonic Spot Welding Machine 20KHZ

When the ultrasonic role in the thermoplastic plastic contact surface, it will generate tens of thousands of times per second, high frequency vibration, this high-frequency vibration, ultrasonic energy through the ultrasonic wave transmitted to the mold to ultrasonic welding material surface, it will produce high-temperature materials. Plastic contact surface resulting in rapid melting, coupled with stress, it blend and coagulation, so that to achieve the purpose of ultrasonic welding.

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The ultrasonic welding machine can be widely used for plastic and thermal plastic welding,spot welding, non-woven or woven textile welding , automotive industry. tape and film welding , electronic industry , household appliances , packaging industry, toy industry , office supplier and so on .

Ultrasonic welding principle:

Hand-held ultrasonic welding machine, several commonly available operating frequency, 20KHz, 28KHz, 30KHz, 36KHz, 40KHz. The principle is the use of sound waves reached the peak position of the gap between the plastic, in the case of pressure, so that the two fusible elements which could be part of the plastic parts in contact with each other to produce the high-speed friction melts, the contact surface of the plastic fusion, achieve the purpose of processing.


Electronic and electrical appliances, auto parts, clothing and packaging, textile industry, environmental industry, medical equipment,the toy industry, communications equipment and other industries.


Machined all sorts of hard materials

Produces fine finished and structured results

Produces less heat

Various hole cut shapes due to vibratory motion of the tool  


Requires a higher degree of integrity and skills

No certified record of radiography

Unnecessary large grain sizes causes defects



CE Certification:






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