Transducer Characteristics Measuring Instrument

Transducer Characteristics Measuring Instrument

The proper frequency and impedance adjust is indispensable for all ultrasonic devices. The frequency depends mainly on dimensions (e.g.: length of the sonotrode) and the impedance of the quality of material used, assembly, and coupling of the acoustic sets’ parts. Deviations indicate the need for fine tuning, cleaning, re-gripping or re-assembly.
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Transducer Characteristics Measuring Instrument

ultrasonic impedance analyzer20.jpgIMG_2607.jpg

ultrasonic impedance analyzer11.jpg

ultrasonic impedance analyzer11.jpg

Description :

The TRZ Horn Analyzer determines the operation frequency of the item to be tested and its impedance and current with the touch of a button. It’s quick and easy. With this quick and easily retrieved information, the user can perform the quality control of transducers, tuning of sonotrodes and ultrasonic horns, preventive and corrective maintenance of acoustic sets and much more 


Product Featureportable,8inch screen,full touch screen
Measurement indexAll the parameters ,the graph
Measurement Accuracy< 0.5%
Measuremet Speed 5/S one pass (600scan point) adjustable
Frequency Accuracy±10ppm
Impedance Range1Ω~1MΩ
Frequency Step0.1Hz~any

Parameters and Graph:

ultrasonic horn analyzer.png

Application :

Piezoelectric ceramics, transducers, ultrasonic cleaning machines, ultrasonic plastic welding machine, underwater acoustic, magnetostrictive materials, ultrasonic grinder, ultrasonic atomization , reversing radar, ultrasonic ranging, phacoemulsification , ultrasonic motors, and all other devices used in piezoelectric and ultrasound.



Test equipment is the most important part of product quality checks, so the product of “credibility” is essential. Our products have four major advantages:

1. Tsinghua University and the Chinese Academy of Sciences Institute of Acoustics jointly developed technology.

    2. Since 2001, our HS60A/70A series of products to the market has been 15 years , thousands of customers use in the industry, has become a matter of fact the ultrasound industry measurement standard.

3.Over the past 15 years, more than 200 colleges and universities have been using our instruments, because they often have more than 20,000 imported Agilent instruments, 4294A. Our instruments have been tested many times with imported Agilent instruments. It turns out that the results of our instruments are completely trustworthy.

4. Our instruments have been used by many German and US ultrasonic testing companies as test instruments. The instrument is the key to quality control. 

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1.Q:What is the application of the different scan switch?

A:If the quality factor is low, you can choose the lower scan switch.

If the quality factor is high,you can choose the higher scan switch.


2.Q:What is the results of the different scan switch?

A:If choosing the lower scan switch, the scan point will be less and the scan time will be shorter.

If choosing the higher scan switch, the scan point will be more and the scan time will be longer.


3.Q:What the quantity of max scan points and minimum scan poins?

A:The max scan points is 3200, the minimum scan points is 600.