Ultrasonic Puncture Welding Machine For Automobile Wheel Eyebrow

Ultrasonic Puncture Welding Machine For Automobile Wheel Eyebrow

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Ultrasonic Puncture Welding Machine For Automobile Wheel Eyebrow


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The automobile wheel eyebrow ultrasonic puncture welding machine is also called the car wheel eyebrow enamel bright bar hot melt welding machine. The ultrasonic wheel puncture welding process is used to weld the car wheel eyebrow components together. The ultrasonic puncture welding will leave some traces on the product side, the other side no damage, if the car wheel eyebrow enamel bright strip is fixed with plastic column design, it can be riveted by hot riveting or ultrasonic process. Generally, the puncture welding is determined according to the output of the car wheel eyebrow. The small output can be selected by hand-held ultrasonic welding machine. If the amount is large, you can use multi-head ultrasonic welding or robot welding.




1. The welding strength is good, meets customer’s requirements.

2. Different ultrasonic puncture molds design to meet for different small rectangles.

3. The operation is easy and the performance is stable.


1. How to choose a suitable puncture welding mold?

Ultrasonic puncture molds can be made of aerospace aluminum or titanium alloy, and how many rows of teeth are produced according to customer requirements.

2. How to choose a suitable puncture weldinng machine?

Generally, if the annual output is not much, it is recommended to use a 28K hand-held ultrasonic welding machine, as long as it is equipped with several sets of ultrasonic molds. If the daily output is large, it is more convenient to select an ultrasonic multi-head welding machine or a robotic ultrasonic welding machine. The machine is guaranteed for 1 year and the ultrasonic mold is guaranteed for three months.



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