Ultrasonic Car Door Panel Puncture Welding

Ultrasonic Car Door Panel Puncture Welding

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Ultrasonic Car Door Panel Puncture Welding

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The automobile door panel guarding machine is also called the automobile door trim panel welding machine. It is an ultrasonic puncture welding process to weld two car door trim parts together, the strength meets the customer requirements, and the equipment is designed as a left-right symmetrical part welding machine. PLC control parameters to achieve semi-automatic production.




1. Use start and emergency stop buttons, safety light barrier, honey alarm alarm safety device.

2. The equipment can also weld left and right symmetrical car door panel trim interior parts

3. The bottom mold adopts the starting pressing device, which is more stable and stable.

4. Use PLC controller to control welding time, curing time, etc.

5. There is a pneumatic slide rail device, the product will automatically slide in when it is put in, and it will slide out automatically after welding.

6. 28K welding head is used, and each welding point is provided with a separate ultrasonic welding torch, which is controlled by two ultrasonic electric box systems.



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