Rotary Ultrasonic Vibration Machining For HSK A63 Spindle

Ultrasonic Machining is a new mechanical machining process, which can enhance the milling and drilling performance by high frequency micro vibrations. Ultrasonic machine device comprises a generator, transducer, booster and horn.

Rotary Ultrasonic Vibration Machining For HSK A63 Spindle




Rotary ultrasonic machining (RUM) also called as ultrasonic vibration machining is a machining process in which material is removed from the surface of a part by low amplitude and high frequency vibration of a tool against surface of material in the presence of abrasive particles. The motion of the tool takes place vertically or orthogonal to the surface of the part. 

Slurry is formed by mixing fine abrasive grains in the water. This slurry is made to flow across the w/p and the tip of the tool during machining process. The abrasive gain particles in the slurry helps in the removal of the material form the surface of the w/p. The grain sizes of the abrasive material are typically ranges from 100 to 1000. The smaller grains (i.e. higher number of grain) results in smooth surface finishes.


Item No.: HS-M20

Frequency: 20kHz

Power: 500Watt

Speed: 20,000RPM

Amplitude: 10um or more

Diameter of Horn: 

                          Milling: Φ1-Ф13mm


Spindle: HSK A63

(Special spindles are made per request.)


1. This machining method is capable of machining brittle and hard material with high precision.

2. It can machine fragile materials such glass and non-conductive metals which are not machined by non-traditional methods such as electrochemical machining or electrical discharge machining.

3. It is capable of producing high tolerance parts.

4. There is no distortion produced in the worked material. And this is because, no heat is generated by the sonotrode against the w/p.

5. There is no change observed in the physical properties of the material.

6. The machined parts produced require fewer finishing process because of absence of burrs in the process.

Main Parts:

The ultrasonic machining machine consist of three main parts transducer, sonotrode (also called as horn) and generator.

The function of various parts are described below

1. Transducer: The transducer mainly consists of a cylinder which is made up of piezoelectric ceramic. It converts electrical energy into mechanical vibration. Transducer then vibrates sonotrode at low amplitude and high frequency.

2. Sonotrode: It is made of low carbon steel. One end of it is connected with the transducer and other end contains tool. The sonotrode vibrates at low amplitude and high frequency and removes material from the w/p by abrasion where it contacts it.

3. Generator: The generator consists of an electronic oscillator which produces an alternating current at high frequency. The frequency produced is usually in 20kHz in ultrasonic range.

20Khz Ultrasonic drilling machine (25)

ultrasonic assisted drilling system with BT type spindle (33)










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