Ultrasonic Plastic Cutting Machine For Rubber

This 30khz ultrasonic plastic cutter is compact and lightweight, with a digital generator. Can be handheld or mounted on a robotic arm.

Ultrasonic Plastic Cutting Machine For Rubber



Ultrasonic cutting knife maximum output power of 500W, for cutting difficult to cut the material, you can use 1mm thick wear-resistant carbide blade, and the user can replace the blade, increase the life of the cutting tool less cost. Ultrasonic cutting is the use of ultrasonic energy, will be cutting the material of local heating melting, to achieve the purpose of cutting materials, without sharp edge.


Output Power300W
GeneratorDigital generator, 452 x 180 x 100mm
Size of cutterBlade replaceable
Length of cable3M
Outer skinAluminum
Voltage220V / 110V
AccessoryFoot switch1pc;
1.5mm special hex wrench 1pc;
Screw M3×4L 2pcs
Material of cutterMagnalium alloy, titanium alloy, stainless steel

Problem and solution:


ItemProblemCause descriptionSolution

Power switch to “I” the light is outPower plug loosePlugging in
Power line breakFix it yourself or send back
Power switch bad contact
Fuse is broken

Power light and

running light are OK

Air plug and socket not connectedTighten the connection position
Handle have abnormal Sound

Clean the card slot, use new


Intermittently use, but the handle

keeping hot

Please send it back
Out-put air plug break
Screw looseTighten the screw
Running light is okRunning switch bad

Please send it back


Advantages of Ultrasonic Cutting Materials


1. Cutting precision is high, rubber is not deformed;

2. Cutting surface finish is good, good bonding performance;

3. Easy to use in automated production;

4. Fast, high efficiency, no pollution;

30khz ultrasonic cutting machine with special cutting blade (3)

30khz ultrasonic cutting machine with special cutting blade (9)

30khz ultrasonic cutting machine with special cutting blade (13)

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