Ultrasonic Cutting And Sealing Equipment 40khz 800w

Description The applicable materials of ultrasonic wave sealing and cutting include: 100% of synthetic fiber, such as nylon, polyester, polypropylene, some polyethylene, modified acrylic resin, vinyl compounds, carbamate compounds, thin films, coated paper, etc. It also includes synthetic fibre...

  Ultrasonic Cutting and Sealing Equipment 40K 800w


Ultrasonic cutting edge sealing machine consists of the ultrasonic generator(drive power).

and ultrasonic host (cutting) two parts. Through the Ultrasonic high-frequency vibration, first adhesive fabric, and then cut the fabric and cut edge. To be installed on machines or lines, cutting the fabric with no scattered side, no hardening, smooth and beautiful, operation safe and reliable. Mainly used in chemical fiber textile, geotextile, woven cloth, plastic film and non-woven processing and weaving industry, woven fabric containing polypropylene, polypropylene thermoplastic material composition.


Main parts and its function:


Transfer the 50-60Hz city electricity to high-power’s high-frequency (15KHz-100KHz) power

supply, and then provide to the transducer.


Transfer high-frequency electricity energy to machine vibration energy.


Connect transducer and horn, enlarge the transducer swing and carry the energy to the horn.

Blade: Send the machine energy and pressure to the working piece.


Technical parameter:







AC110V/AC220V, 50/60Hz

Power controller

stepping or continuous

Material of cutting head

aluminum alloy, stainless steel, titanium alloy

Edge width


Machine weight

16KG (including the generator)

Cooling device

compressed air mouth can be installed


320*320*120mm(L*W*H) weight: 6.3kg

Vibration parts

210*70*260mm(L*W*H) weight: 4kg

Cable length

2M or customized



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