40K Ultrasonic Cutting Edge Banding Machine

Description The applicable materials of ultrasonic wave sealing and cutting include: 100% of synthetic fiber, such as nylon, polyester, polypropylene, some polyethylene, modified acrylic resin, vinyl compounds, carbamate compounds, thin films, coated paper, etc. It also includes synthetic fibre...

40K Ultrasonic Cutting Edge Banding Machine 



The hand-held ultrasonic cutting edge banding machine cuts the non-woven fabric and has a fusion joint at the cutting part. The cutting part is perfectly sealed and does not cause the textile material/plastic product to fly.

The hand-held ultrasonic cutting edge banding machine is divided into three parts, including ultrasonic generator, pick-up handle and cutting mold. The cutting mold can be customized according to customer requirements.


* Hand held or rack-mounted

* Type: 40Khz, 800

* Edge width: 10/20mm

* Cutting speed:According to the material thickness, composition, warp and weft density and loom operating speed for synchronous adjustment.

* Cutting blade:Alloy roller knife, can also be customized ceramic blade

* Generator: 320*320*120mm(L*W*H) weight: 6.3kg

* Vibration parts 210*70*260mm(L*W*H) weight: 4kg 


Dispensing with needle and thread,without the traditional line suture of bolt joint, but also on textiles orderly local shear and seal. The cementation strength is strong, achieving the waterproof effect and clear embossing.

With special steel tool head, sealing the edges of the cracks, it does not hurt the cloth edge, and no burrs, edge phenomenon.

Can be continuous operation without preheating.

Simplely operation,normal sewing worker can operate

Lower cost,the efficiency is higher nearly 5 to 6 times than traditional machine.


Non-woven or woven cutting,textile cutting, fabric cutter, curtain cutting,window blind fabric.


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