20kHz Ultrasonic Welding System For Disposable Mask Making Machine

We can provide you this 20kHz 1500watt ultrasonic welding system for mask making machine(including transducer with booster,generator and 110*20mm steel horn)

20kHz ultrasonic welding system for disposable mask making machine




Mold type:Steel mold
Effective working area:110*20mm 
Surface treatment:Anti-rust coating

Mask machine ultrasonic welding machine description:


1. The ultrasonic vibration system can output ultrasonic vibration energy, which can be used for various applications; the system needs to cooperate with mechanical units such as motion and pressure to complete the welding task;


2.Equipped with fixed flange, easy installation;


3. When the system is working, an external switch signal triggers the system. The system completes a welding process according to a preset time. The program control circuit is provided with delay time, welding time, pressure holding time, and demolding time. Adjustment accuracy: 0.01s;


4. Mask welding machine ultrasonic welding machine can work intermittently or continuously;

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