1+1 Automatic Mask Blank Machine And Ear Loop Welding Machine

1+1 Automatic Mask Blank Machine And Ear Loop Welding Machine

The ultrasonic welding machine can weld non-woven fabrics very well, and it is environmentally friendly, sterile, efficient and strong.

New Types Ultrasonic Mask Ear Loop Spoter for 30kHz 1000Watt



One to one Plane Mask machine, including feeding, plastic strip type aluminum strip insertion / unfolding, scene selection, ultrasonic fusion, slicing, etc., are fully automated. We are using 1 unit of Blank Mask Making Machine to match with 1 unit of Ear-Loop Welding Machine during mass-production.The output is extremely high, which can produce 1-80 pieces per minute. The main power is frequency-converted, which can be fast or slow. Different masks can be produced using different materials. The product has two layers and three layers. The product has stable quality, convenient operation, low noise and small footprint.


Voltage: single phase 220V / 50kz

Power: 5,000Watt

Working pressure: 5,000-8,000gf

Size: 4278 * 1915 * 1859

Output: 80 pcs / minute

Delivery time: 15 working days

Staffing: 1 person to manage 3-5 machines

Work Process:

1. 3/4 mask roll material feeding

2. Folding and pressing-nasal bridge tendon feeding

3. Ultrasonic welding interface mask molding

4. Mask cutting

5. Ear band cutting and ultrasonic welding

6. Finished product output-counting-finished product output


1. The frame is made of aluminum alloy and stainless steel, which is light and beautiful and does not rust;

2. Automatic counting can effectively control production efficiency and production progress;

3. Frequency conversion control, which can adjust the operating speed of the equipment according to actual needs;

4. Pull the barrel to feed, more accurate positioning, which can minimize the width of raw materials and save costs;

5. Uniform length and size control of the finished product with a deviation of ± 1mm can effectively control the length of the finished product;

6. The equipment has a high degree of automation and low requirements for operating staff, and only needs to discharge and arrange the finished product;









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