Ultrasonic Welding System For Sealing Sides Spot Welding Machine

The 20khz ultrasonic welding system is widely used in surgical mask,medical face mask making machine. In good heat resistance, it can be used in a wide range of temperature with long life and high reliability.

Ultrasonic Welding System for sealing sides spot welding machine


Frequency: 20KHz±0.5 KHz

Power: 2000Watt

Voltage: 220v,50-60hz

Horn size: 200*25mm

Brand name: Altrasonic


Warranty: 1year

Working temperature: +5℃--+50℃

Ceramic Diameter:60mm

Qty Of Ceramic:4Pcs

Max. Amplitude (μm):16

Single package size:  45*42*26CM

Weight (KG):20KG


20khz ultrasonic welding system is a new and highly efficient high-tech welding process, which uses the displacement of tens of thousands of vibrations per second caused by ultrasonic vibration, and then cooperates with the internal pressure to instantaneously fuse the contact surfaces of the workpiece together. Adhesive, after welding, the fastness exceeds the original material, the general workpiece can be welded within one second.




1.  Efficient and fast

2.  Easy to clean

3.  Save consumables

4.  In good heat resistance, can be used in a wide range of temperature with long life and high reliability

5.  Titanium, aluminum, steel materials of horn optional

6.  Imported ceramic discs and superior aluminum raw materials










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