Good Welder Effect Stable 20kHz Ultrasonic Welding Device For Making Mask

Good Welder Effect Stable 20kHz Ultrasonic Welding Device For Making Mask

Ultrasonic welding system completes with ultrasonic generator supply, ultrasonic transducer and horn . It is installed on the mask making machine , used for mask blank making and ear loop welding.

Good Welder Effect Stable 20kHz Ultrasonic Welding Device For Making Mask




It is primarily used for secondary connection of thermoplastic. Compared with other welding techniques, plastic welding has the advantages of excellent welding quality, high production efficiency and wide application. By using imported piezoelectric ceramics vibrators and original vertical normal temperature-circulation self-cooled ultrasonic generators, our products enjoy the lowest failure rate among the same industry. 



Why must face mask ultrasonic welding machine use analog ultrasonic generator?

The reasons are as follows:

1. The analog ultrasonic generator supports 24-hour operation, and the power will not be reduced, while the digital ultrasonic generator cannot support 24-hour operation, the power is easily reduced, and the frequency will also be reduced, which will cause the mask to not be tightly welded.

2. Analog ultrasonic generators have been used for decades, and digital ultrasonic generators cannot replace the performance of analog ultrasonic generators.

3. The operation of the simulated ultrasonic generator is simpler, and there is no need to debug again after the first debugging. However, due to its own shortcomings, it is often necessary to manually debug the digital ultrasonic generator.

4. The production speed of the mask is determined by the generator and the sensor. Obviously, because the analog generator can provide more power and better stability, the production speed of the mask produced by the analog generator will be faster than that of the digital generator.

Competitive Advantage

1. Excellent mechanical seal.

2. No welding sparks ,environmental safety.

3. Aesthetic creation.

4. Simple operation. 

5. No need of traditional solvent, binder and heat-sealing process.

6. Power output is strong, low failure rate, easy to use and easy to maintain.

7. The process is simple, the operation is simple, and automatic welding can be realized.

8. Advanced and reliable protection circuit method greatly improves the reliability of the whole machine.

9. In good heat resistance, can be used in a wide range of temperature with long life and high reliability.









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