Disposable Non-woven Medical Face Mask Making Machine Auto Welding Line

Normally the whole mask production line contains 1 set 15kHz or 20kHz welding system for mask blank making and 2 sets 20kHz welding system for ear loop welding.The full automatic mask making line shows well in working stability and productivity , has played a important role in recent period.

Disposable Non-woven Medical Face Mask Making Machine Auto Welding Line


1. The equipment will stack three or four rolls of non-woven fabrics together through the body machine of the mask (the nose bridge is automatically cut and clipped to fit) and automatically position until the non-woven fabric is folded . Automatically discharge after cutting and forming. The mask is transmitted to the ear belt machine by the conveyor and automatically weld the elastic cord (The production line can include one elastic cord welding machine , two or three machines. )

2. It is mainly used in the automatic equipment of making disposable face mask with non-woven fabric .

3. The equipment is simple in operation, stable in working, high efficiency in loading and unloading , compact in structure and small in land occupation. The frame is made of aluminum alloy ,which is solid, nice appearance and rust free.




Working process:

1. Three layers of non-woven fabric split feeding

2. Symmetrize product and lamination (The nose bridge auto feeded)

3. Auto fold , lamination , cut

4. Trans conveyer carry

5. Elastic cord welding machine conveyer transmit material

6. Elastic Cord auto feeding

7. Elastic cord cut to length and welded

8. Automatic discharge stacking

Main mechanism components:

  1. Non-woven fabric coil placing frame

  2. Mask body machine lamination

  3. Nose bridge automatic straightening and cutting

  4. Automatic folding, welding, cutting, transfer conveyor, elastic cord welding machine

  5. Automatic blanking conveyor belt

  6. Etc..


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