Automatic Medical Plane Face Mask Machine

Automatic medical plane face mask machine,Used for making various types of masks

Automatic medical plane face mask machine

Description :

The servo and constant temperature control system adopted by the automatic ultrasonic mask machine is controlled by the PL program to make the material enter the compound→forming→welding→punching→spot welding earband at one time, and the entire production process is fully automated. The automatic ultrasonic mask machine is a process of folding multi-layer non-woven fabrics through hot pressing, ultrasonic welding, waste removal, and welding of ear straps and nose bars to produce various masks with certain filtering performance. The automatic ultrasonic mask machine can produce masks at a speed of 200 pieces per minute.



(2)Voltage: single phase 220V / 50Kz

(3)Working pressure: 5-8kgf


(5)Overall size:L4278*W1915*H1859

Features of automatic ultrasonic mask machine:

1. PLC-touch screen-servo-control system;

2. The temperature controller controls the embossing temperature;

3. Automatically wrap the ear straps outwards and cut them off, and weld them on the short side of the mask.

4. Single shift output and total output are displayed on the touch screen;

5. All materials are automatically detected for material failure and automatically stop;

6. The conveyor belt accepts complete finished masks

7. The up and down speed of the host is set on the touch screen, and the current host speed (pieces/min) is displayed on the touch screen simultaneously;

8. Automatically cut and fix the nose line into the mask

9. Automatic shutdown for electrical failure.







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