Ultrasonic Plastic Welding Spot Welding Machine For Mask Machine

Ultrasonic welding system completes with ultrasonic generator supply, ultrasonic transducer and horn . It is installed on the mask making machine , used for mask blank making and ear loop welding.

Ultrasonic Plastic Welding Spot Welding Machine For Mask Machine


Horn MaterialSteel/ Titanium alloy
Welding Horn110*20mm/160*20mm/200*20mm
Working Temperature5ºC-50ºC
Warranty1 Year
Packed size45*38*25cm
Packed weight24kg
Delivery time3-5 workdays
Products listultrasonic generator+ultrasonic transduce+ horn+Flange


Ultrasonic welding transfers high-frequency vibration waves to the surfaces of two objects to be welded under pressure, so that the two surfaces rub against each other to form a fusion between molecular layers. When the ultrasonic horn contacts the material contact surface, tens of thousands of high-frequency vibrations will be generated every second, and the ultrasonic energy will be transferred to the welding area, causing local high temperature, which will cause the plastics on the contact surface of the two to melt rapidly. Under a certain pressure, it will quickly merge into a whole. 


1. High-strength welds.

2. Easy to automate.

3. High Efficiency converter.

4. Rigid frame construction.

5. Professional masters with 30 years of work experience provide technical support.





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