15Khz Ultrasonic Welder Machine With 2600W For Face Mask Plastic Welding Machine

The power of 15khz ultrasonic welding machine is easier to increase, and the amplitude is relatively large. It is suitable for welding larger, difficult to weld, and relatively rough plastic products.

15Khz Ultrasonic Welder Machine with 2600W for Face Mask Plastic Welding Machine


It uesed in n95 mask blank machine. 1+1 and semi-automatic mask machines are extremely common. Generally a N95 mask machine needs 1 sets of 15kHz ultrasonic  and 2 sets of 20kHz ultrasonic  supporting equipment. It has been widely used in sanitary products production lines, such as diapers and other related products.


Frequency: 15kHz

Power: 2600W

Voltage: 110/220V

Horn size: 200*25mm

Generator: Analog

Packing: Wooden box


1. Power output is strong, low failure rate, easy to use and easy to maintain.

2. Continuous wave work used for automatic mask machine.

3. Support continuous working mode, once the device is set up, you can continue working without adjusting the generator.


1. Nonwoven Bag Making Machine

2. Nonwoven Surgical Cap Making Machine

3. NonwovenBouffant Cap Making Machine

4. Nonwoven Shoe Cover Making Machine

5. Nonwoven Ultrasonic Plastic Welding Machine

What we can provide
1. Technical support on line and video.

2. Horn  can be customized for you.

3. You can send samples and we can provide free tests.

4. One year warranty.

5. We can provide designs and solutions as your request.







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