20khz Ultrasonic Welding Machine Generator Transducer Horn With Factory Price

A set of 20 kHz ultrasound system includes an ultrasound generator, horn and ultrasound transducer. Currently mainly used in facial mask machine. The generator in this system is analog, this generator is very stable, very suitable for the current mask machine, and the price is more affordable.

20khz Ultrasonic Welding Machine Generator Transducer Horn with factory price


The main components of an ultrasonic welding system include an ultrasonic generator, a transducer, a horn and a flange. We have Ultrasonic Welding Generators for 15KHz, 2600W; 20KHz, 2000W and 35KHz, 800W Ultrasonic Transducers. Also the Ultrasonic Welding Generator has analog and digital style for choice. 



Tranduce Advantage

1. The consistency of the transducer parameters is very high, which can shorten the test time;

2. The output is greater than or equal to 10 microns;

3. The energy conversion rate is greater than 95%;

4. The horn is made of  titanium alloy, the surface is hardened, and the ultrasonic tool head has a long service life.

5. Power output is strong, low failure rate, easy to use and easy to maintain.



Our service:

1. Help customer analyze product project and provide welding solution.

2. Freely sample welding test.

3. Provide professional welding solution.

4. Provide shipping/delivery information checking service.

5. One year guarantee, all life maintain promise.

6. 24 hours feedback speed by email of others.

7. According to customers' requests to design.

8. Horn can be customized.







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