Wire Coil Embedding Ultrasonic Plastic Welding Machine

Ultrasonic Wire Embedding for Card device, also known as smart card antenna welding machine, smart card spot welding machine, smart card antenna implanting machine, etc., is a professional equipment for smart card embedding.

Wire Coil Embedding Ultrasonic Plastic Welding Machine 


Ultrasonic IC smart card welding equipment can be made into one generator to drive 5 to 10 sets welding heads, which will easy for you to use.


GeneratorDigital generator
TriggerExternal control or Manual control
Threading hole0.3mm or 0.5mm
Power form Single use or eight sets combination


1. Heads to work at the same time

2. Control mode: multi-point energy fine adjustment, external control, simpler operation

3. Energy adjustment: 60-100%, three levels of power adjustable, high and low energy switching

4. Buried thread head: wear-resistant tool head, buried distance 20,000 meters

5. Appearance: Light body design, beautiful and durable, good heat dissipation

6. Stability: 24 hours work, uniform energy output

7. Application: High-energy mode is suitable for embedding wire on the outer circle of smart card, and low-energy mode is suitable for chip-embedding of chip

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