High Speed System For Embedding Wire Ultrasonic Wire Embedding

Ultrasonic Wire Embedding for Card device, also known as smart card antenna welding machine, smart card spot welding machine, smart card antenna implanting machine, etc., is a professional equipment for smart card embedding.

High Speed System For Embedding Wire Ultrasonic Wire Embedding


For ordinary ultrasonic wire burying devices, the frequency will inevitably keep changing with the wear of the wire burying head (welding head). When the frequency changes to a certain degree, it is difficult for the drive power source to find the frequency of the wire burying head. The numerical control type ultrasonic wire buried device introduced by our company has been upgraded in the matching problem. Even if the buried wire head is worn, the drive power generator can quickly search and accurately find the frequency of the buried wire head, thereby ensuring the stability of the entire ultrasonic system.


GeneratorDigital generator
TriggerExternal control or Manual control
Threading hole0.3mm or 0.5mm
Power form Single use or eight sets combination


1. Self-detection function: Ultrasonic Wire Embedding for Card has fault display and error alarm signal.

2. Product appearance: The body design is light, beautiful and durable, and the heat dissipation performance is good.

3. Stability: Long working hours, uniform energy output.

4. It supports various format and the wire embedding head can be option by actual requirements.

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