60KHZ Wire Embedding Machine PVC ABS Paper Teslin PC Inlay With Copper Wire By Ultrasonic

high quality 60khz ultrasonic wire embedding Used for smart card embedding

60KHZ wire embedding machine PVC ABS Paper Teslin PC Inlay with Copper Wire by Ultrasonic

60 khz ultrasonic welding transducer (3)0副本

60 khz ultrasonic welding transducer (6)0副本


During the past half year, with many effort from the research development section of our company, at present we have successfully promote the intelligent card welding equipment substantially. After promotion, comparison with the former one, the properties of the equipment has been promoted highly, more stability, better in search the frequency at more wide range, and much better appearance. On the process using the former 60K equipment, with the damage of the welding horn, the frequency would be altered.(the frequency is decided by the size of the product).When the frequency is altered to a certain degree, the ultrasonic generator would be difficult to coincide with the frequency, then influencing to the normal running of all the ultrasonic system.



Power AdjustingStep or continuous
SwitchHandle , foot switch,or linked outside
Working Time control0-999seconds
GeneratorDigital generator
Cable2M, national standard
The threading holeØ0.5m or design according to customers' need
Cooling down methodCompressed air
Outer housingaluminium or nylon







Payment allowance:


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