15Khz Ultrasonic Plastic Welding Transducer With Aluminum Booster

Ultrasonic welding transducer converts electrical energy,mechanical energy or acoustic energy from one form of energy to another.The transducer is the heart and soul of the ultrasonic machine, and its characteristic parameters determine the performance.

15Khz Ultrasonic Plastic Welding Transducer With Aluminum Booster


15khz ultrasonic transducer with steel booster 2019 (6)


Transducer, in electronics, a device that converts electric energy into some other form of energy, especially the application of mechanical energy in industry is more and more significant.  

We mainly supply two kinds of Ultrasonic transducers: NTK type and Branson type. Widely used in ultrasonic welding, ultrasonic cutting,ultrasonic sewing machine,ultrasonic sonochemistry, ultrasonic wire stripping machine,ultrasonic nebulizer,Ultrasonic riveting machine.

The transducer converts high-frequency electrical energy into high-frequency mechanical vibrations. And it contains several piezoelectric ceramic discs sandwiched under pressure between two metal blocks. Between each disc is a thin metal plate, which forms the electrode. When a sinusoidal electrical signal is fed to the transducer via the electrodes, the discs expand and contract, producing axial vibrations.




Qty of ceramic:4Pcs


Max Amplitude:16um

Competitive Advantages:

1. High performance.

2. Easy matching with ultrasonic generator

3. Superior raw materials

4. Special items can customized.

5. Low resonance impedance and heat productivity

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