Ultrasonic Welding Transducer With 110*20 Steal Horn For Mask Machine

A device that converts electrical energy, mechanical energy, or acoustic energy from one form of energy to another is called a transducer, or active sensor.

20kHz Ultrasonic Generator For Surgical Mask Making


Ultrasonic transducer is an energy conversion device whose function is to convert the input electrical energy into mechanical energy (ie ultrasonic) and then transmit it. It can convert non-electric energy into electrical energy without external power supply. The transducer is the core equipment of the ultrasonic equipment, and its characteristic parameters determine the performance of the entire equipment.


Frequency: 20khz Power: 2000w Dia of ceramic: 50mm Qty of ceramic: 4pcs Resistance(Ω): <15


1. Using imported piezoelectric ceramic chips to ensure that the ultrasonic power output is strong and stable.

2. Working at a resonant frequency can obtain very high mechanical quality and high electro-acoustic conversion efficiency.

3. High vibration speed ratio and large amplitude of front cover.

4. Low resonance impedance, low heat generation and wide temperature range.

5. The measurement accuracy is higher than similar domestic products.

6. Multiple calibrations before leaving the factory.

7. Advantageous materials, precise craftsmanship


1. Cleaning field

2. Medicine field

3. Inspection field

4. Welding field







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