Ultrasonic Welding Transducer Replacement For Branson 803

Today ultrasonic welding is used in every industry that processes plastics. Most common uses are in the Automotive, Medical, Textile, Food, Plastics, and Packaging industries.Conforming to the spirit of "Service First", ALTRASONIC provides lifetime maintenance to its products for as long as they are used by customers.

Ultrasonic Welding Transducer Replacement For Branson 803




An ultrasonic transducer is a device that converts high frequency electrical energy into mechanical energy. Usually impedance matching is achieved to allow the transducer power amplifier to output maximum power to the load, and the piezoelectric effect converts the electrical signal into mechanical vibration to achieve the desired effect.





20 khz

Output power

1500 watt

Joint bolt


Ceramic disc Diameter

50 mm

Quantity of Ceramic discs

4 pcs or 6pcs


11.5 - 12.5 nf


20 um


welding machine


1. Automotive Industry - Car Lights, Dashboard

2. Packaging industry - PVC packaging box, hose end sealing machine

3. Green energy industry - solar light guide plate welding

4. Photovoltaic Industry - Sputter Coating

5. Electronics Industry - Welding of Electronic Components

6. Computer Industry - Toner Cartridge

7. Biotechnology - Cell extracts

8. Food Industry - Food Cutting

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