Ultrasonic Welding Coverter Replacement For 20khz Ultrasonic Branson 902

The 20khz ultrasonic welding transducer is equiped with the energy-collecting booster and work head, it can generate ultrasonic vibration, which has a high-frequency hot melting effect on the gap surface of the being pressed plastic parts,so as to achieve the purpose of welding.

Ultrasonic Welding Coverter Replacement For 20khz Ultrasonic Branson 902





20 khz

Output power

1100 watt

Joint bolt


Ceramic disc Diameter

40 mm

Quantity of Ceramic discs

4 pcs


Different item No., with different capacitance


20 um


welding machine


    Ultrasonic welding generates 20KHZ (15KHZ or 40KHZ) high-voltage and high-frequency signals through the transducer, and converts the signals into high-frequency mechanical vibrations through the transducer system, so as to press and weld the plastic on the workpiece and make it pass The surface of the workpiece. Artifact. The friction between the workpiece and internal molecules leads to an increase in the stability of the transfer to the interface. When it stabilizes to the melting point of the workpiece itself, the interface of the workpiece melts quickly, and then fills the gap between the interfaces. When the vibration stops, the workpiece is cooled and formed under constant pressure. Reach welding


1. One by one testing to ensure that each transducer performance are excellent.

2. In good heat resistance, can be used in a wide range of temperature with long life and high reliability

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