Ultrasonic Transducer Replacement For Telsonic 35KHz

Ultrasonic device consists of ultrasonice transducer, booster and work horn. The transducer is an energy converter, which can converted the high frequency, high power current, output of power supply into reciprocating mechanical energy of the ultrasonic vibration, the vibration frequency output of drive power with the same frequency as the current. To further enlarge the amplitude of ultrasonic energy input to the place where we need.

Ultrasonic Transducer Replacement For Telsonic 35KHz

35Khz Replacement Telsonic Transducer (1)

35K Telsonic Converter (4)35K Telsonic Converter (15)


Altrasonic applies the highest standards of quality and safety during development and in the manufacture of ultrasonic converters. These high standards which we always strive to maintain and evolve are a key part of our success. And our customers benefit from them especially.



Telsonic 35K replacement

Frequency: 35Khz

Input Power: 1200w

Joint Bolt: M8*1.25

Ceramic disc Diameter: 25mm

Quantity of Ceramic disc: 4 pcs

Capacitance: 4nf



Competitive Advantage:

 1. Stable parameters

2. Easy matching with ultrasonic power supply

3. Superior raw materials

4. Accept OEM cooperation



We offer the same warranty as the OEM, namely, one years, free replacement.

Simply ship the broken unit back to arrive within three years of original shipment, and it will be replaced (one time).


Packaging & Delivery:

Packaging Details:Packed in carton firstly,and then reinforced with wooden case for outer packing

Delivery Time:Within 3 working days


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