Ultrasonic Nonwovens Welding Transducer 20khz Ultrasonic Welding Transducer With Booster

The transducer is the core device of ultrasonic equipment, and its characteristic parameters determine the performance of the entire equipment. The characteristics of the transducer depend on the material selection and manufacturing process. The performance and service life of the transducer of the same size and shape are very different.

Ultrasonic Nonwovens Welding Transducer 20khz Ultrasonic Welding Transducer With Booster


The displacement produced by high frequency power ultrasonic transducer is generally 10-40 microns, which can be applied to many situations directly working in the air. Some need work with high-power instantaneously, such as ultrasonic welding applications, some need to work continuously in the air for a long time. 


Model: HS-5020-4Z

Frequency: 20kHz

Power: 2000Watt

Dia of ceramic: 50mm

Qty of ceramic: 4pcs

Packing: Wooden box

Working Temperature:5ºC-50ºC

Delivery time: 3-5 workdays

Resistance(Ω): <15 Connect screw: M18 or 1.5 Max. Amplitude (μm): 10


1. The piezoelectric ceramic chip adopts imported parts, and can give a strong and stable output.

2. High efficiency, high mechanical quality factor, obtaining high electric-acoustic conversion efficiency work at the resonance frequency points.

3.  Large amplitude: optimization design by computer , vibration speed ratio is high .

4. Large power,Under the action of prestressed screw, the energy of the piezoelectric ceramic to get maximum play;

What  we can offer

1. We provide pre-sales, sales and after sales service, especially one year of free maintenance warranty.

2. Provide technical support online.

3. You can send samples, we will help you test for free.

4. We can provide designs and solutions as your request.

5. If there are problems with the products, customer can take pictures and send to us by email to explain the situation, we will help to solve it on line or by email within 24 hours. 

Application Industry

1. Automotive:  The car door welded baffle welding, automobile, car mats welding, automotive bumper repair welding, cotton insulation doors, seat wipers, engine cover, radiator cap spot, etc.

2. Toy: Plastic toys, water guns, aquatic life video game, children dolls, plastic gifts, etc.

3. Medical: Surgical instruments, test equipment, masks, protective clothing, insulated trays, etc.

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