Technical Assembly Ultrasonic Transducer With High Power 20kHz 2000watt

The consistency of the parameters of the transducer is very high, which provides convenience for customers to match the ultrasonic power supply.

Technical assembly Ultrasonic Transducer with High Power 20kHz 2000watt

Description :

Altrasonic transducers are technically assembled by experienced workers. The consistency of our ultrasonic transducer's parameter is pretty high , that means it can be easily matched with the power supply. It is recommended to use with the temperature 20℃ , the service life under normal environment is 3-5 years. 

Specifications :


Advantages :

1. The assembly process is rigorous and the quality is reliable; 

2. Accessories are brand new; 

3. The choice of materials makes the heat dissipation of the transducer is good; 

4. The output power maximum  ; 

5. Conversion rate of energy more than 95%; 

6. Test before shipping & after-sale service 24 hours 



Workshop : 


CE : 


Shipping :


Payment allowance :



3 times old test to confirm the products is well quality.

20 technician work together , and learn together , to improve our products.

48 hours working time to test the stability of our product before sending out.


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