High Speed Surgical Mask Making Machine 1+1

The flat mask machine series can be divided into: inner ear loop mask machine, outer ear loop mask machine, and strap type mask machine according to the different welding methods and usage methods of ear straps. The mask body machine is required for the production of these three flat masks. Make up an integral part of the plane mask.

High speed surgical mask making machine 1+1


The production line of fully automatic one-to-one mask machine only needs one person to operate the packaging, and the whole process is fully automated. The equipment uses ultrasonic welding, which is beautiful, hygienic and environmentally friendly. With an output of 80-100 pieces per minute, this production line can produce various non-woven masks, smooth cloth masks, gauze masks, activated carbon masks, etc. Support the production of 1-5 layer non-woven mask sheet. The ear-band masks produced are comfortable to wear, without pressure, and have a good filtering effect, which fits the shape of a person's face.



Functions and features:

1. The equipment is made in one piece and the whole machine is operated automatically. Simple and fast, this machine can be operated by one person;

2. Small size does not occupy space, beautiful and solid;

3. All the accessories of this machine are domestic and foreign high-quality accessories, with high equipment stability and low failure rate.

4. High production efficiency, the production speed is about 80-100 pieces/minute

Transport and Packing:



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