Rinco 35K Replacement Type Ultrasonic Transducer

Rinco 35K Replacement Type Ultrasonic Transducer

Description: Ultrasonic device consists of ultrasonice transducer, booster and work horn. The transducer is an energy converter, which can converted the high frequency, high power current, output of power supply into reciprocating mechanical energy of the ultrasonic vibration, the vibration frequency output of drive power with the same frequency as the current. To further enlarge the amplitude of ultrasonic energy input to the place where we need.

 Rinco 35K Replacement Type Ultrasonic Transducer 

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Ultrasonic transducers, essentially piezoelectric ceramics with the same frequency as the resonant frequency, use the piezoelectric effect of the material to convert electrical energy into mechanical vibration.Generally, the ultrasonic wave is generated by the ultrasonic generator first, converted into mechanical vibration by the ultrasonic transducer, and then the ultrasonic receiving device can generate ultrasonic waves.





1. Low calorific value.

2. Good thermal stability.

3. The frequency is consistent with the static capacitance.

4. The resonance impedance is low.

5. Long average life.

6. Can be used in a variety of ultrasonic equipment

CE Certification:


Why Altrasonic: 

1. OVERSEA SERVICE TEAM. We now have agents in India, Austrilia, Hongkong, Singapore, Taiwan, Malaysia,  Germany, and other country still being discussing.

2. Innovation. Altrasonic R&D and marketing staffs to constantly explore new applications in the field of ultrasound, and the importance of team spirit of cooperation.

3. Half the price, double the value. Every product reach you have been test in our company three times, and with 72 hours continuously working, to confirm it is well before you get it. Also we always learn from foreign company, to

upgrade our products.

4. Good components. Ceramic mainly imported from German, and using the superior quality aluminum, titanium raw materials.

5. Individual Customize. We can customize products according to your requirements, Also supply OEM service. Customize ultrasonic solution for different applications.


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