Replacement Of 35kHz Telsonic Ultrasonic Converter With High Power

Transducer is the core part of the ultrasonic whole machine. Ceramic chip is the key part for transducer , so we insist on using the best ceramic chip.

Replacement of 35kHz Telsonic Ultrasonic Converter with High Power

Descriptions :

The converters are renowned for their high quality and reliability. IIt covers frequencies of 15, 20, 30 and 35 kHz and outputs from 500 W to 8 kW.

Specifications :

Frequency : 35kHz

Output Power : 1200 watt

Connect screw : M8*1.25

Ceramic disc Diameter : 25 mm

Quantity of ceramic disc : 4 pcs

Capacitance : 4000pf

Resistance : 5 Ω

Applications :

· Cut-and-seal of textiles, fleeces and foils

· Cutting of solid materials, such as rubber, foam and artificial leather

· Cutting of foodstuffs, such as cheese, bakery products and confectionery

35K Telsonic (4)

35K Telsonic (7)

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