Replacement Branson CR-20 Ultrasonic Welding Transducer With 20kHz

The transducer is the core device of ultrasonic equipment, and its characteristic parameters determine the performance of the entire equipment. The characteristics of the transducer depend on the material selection and manufacturing process. The performance and service life of the transducer of the same size and shape are very different.

Replacement Branson CR-20 Ultrasonic Welding Transducer with 20kHz




Ultrasonic transducer is a device that converts electrical energy into mechanical energy. The most mature and reliable equipment is the one that uses piezoelectric effect to convert electrical energy into acoustic energy. It is called a piezoelectric transducer. When the load changes, this type of sensor generates a stable ultrasonic wave.




1. Titanium materials and Aluminum materials optional.

2. After assembly, the transducer will age before testing and final assembly. The characteristics of piezoelectricity will change with time and pressure, so if you leave it on the shelf for some time before the test, you will find unqualified materials.

3. Test one by one to ensure that the performance of each transducer is excellent.


There is an ultrasound original equipment manufacturer Dukane Corporation, using the term Transducer. All other ultrasonic OEM manufacturers, such as Branson, Sonics and Materials, Rinco, Telesonics and Herrmann, refer to them as converters or Konverters.

Both converters and transducers do the same thing... convert electrical energy into mechanical motion... Therefore, we introduce charge into the ceramic surface at the required frequency, which allows us to generate motion or vibration at the working end of the converter.

The converter is connected to the intensifier by threading. The intensifier increases, reduces or only transfers the amount of movement from the surface of the converter to what we call a horn or ultrasonic generator.







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