Replacement 35K Telsonic Ultrasonic Transducer Without Cover

Replacement 35K Telsonic Ultrasonic Transducer Without Cover

Our ultrasonic transducers are heat resistant and can be used over a wide temperature range with long life and high reliability. We will test each one before shipment to ensure that each sensor performs well.

Replacement 35K Telsonic Ultrasonic Transducer Without Cover

35K Telsonic (5)

35K Telsonic (6)

35K Telsonic (4)


The core of ultrasonic transducer  is piezoelectric ceramic that convert  electrical signals into mechanical vibration. Our transducer has high electro-acoustic conversion efficiency, low raw material price, convenient production, and is not easy to age.


ModelTelsonic 35K
Connect screwM8*1.25
Ceramic diameter25mm
Qty of ceramic4pcs
Applicationwelding machine

Competitive Advantage:

1.Easy for assembling

2.Good heat resistance

3. Large range of working temperature

4.Low resonance impedance and heat productivity

5.Good construction


Transducers are used in a variety of industries.It could be applied to the pharmaceutical industry, such as breathing masks.In addition, it can also be applied to the electronics industry, automobile industry, toy industry, packaging industry and so on.


We offer the same warranty as the OEM, namely, five years one-time replacement.

Simply ship the broken unit back to arrive within three years of original shipment, and it will be replaced(one time).


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