High Consistency Parameter 15kHz 2600watt Ultrasonic Transducer With Booster

The ultrasonic transducer is the most important component of welding system. It is assembled and debugged by technician , and the assembly process is excellent, which is the standard of the ultrasonic industry.

High Consistency Parameter 15kHz 2600watt Ultrasonic Transducer with Booster

Description :

Ultrasonic transducers are devices that generate ultrasonic energy. They can be divided into three categories: transmitters, receivers and transceivers. The transmitter converts electrical signals into ultrasound, the receiver converts ultrasound into electrical signals, and the transceiver can transmit and receive ultrasound.

Similar to radar and sonar, ultrasonic transducers are used in systems that evaluate targets by interpreting reflected signals. For example, by measuring the time between sending a signal and receiving an echo, the distance of the object can be calculated. Passive ultrasonic sensors are basically microphones used to detect ultrasonic noise present under certain conditions.

The design of the transducer may vary greatly depending on its use: Transducers used for medical diagnostic purposes are generally of lower power than targets used to change or submerge liquid media through chemical, biological methods. Or physical (eg erosion) effects.

Specifications :

Item No.: HS-6015-4Z 

Frequency : 15kHz 

Power : 2600w 

Ceramic disc Diameter : 60mm 

Qtty of ceramic disc : 4pcs 

Material of booster : Steel

Principle :

When an electrical signal is applied to this transducer, it will vibrate in a specific frequency range and generate sound waves. These sound waves propagate, and whenever an obstacle appears, these sound waves will reflect the echo of the transducer. At the end of the transducer, the echo is converted into an electrical signal. Here, the transducer calculates the time interval between the transmission of sound waves and the reception of echo signals. The ultrasonic sensor sends an ultrasonic pulse of 40 kHz, which propagates in the air. These transducers are better than infrared sensors because these ultrasonic transducers are not affected by smoke, black matter, etc. Ultrasonic sensors are excellent at suppressing background interference.

Features :

1. High mechanical quality

2. Piezo elements provide high-speed vibration

3. Even if the load changes significantly, the output amplitude is stable

4. Extended use temperature to ensure good amplitude linearity

5. Bolt fixing, quick and easy installation, high reliability

6. Easy to assemble

7. Good heat resistance

8. Large operating temperature range

9. Low resonance impedance and low heat generation

10. Good construction

11. Tighten with bolts

Workshop : 


CE : 


Shipping :


Payment allowance :



3 times old test to confirm the products is well quality.

20 technician work together , and learn together , to improve our products.

48 hours working time to test the stability of our product before sending out.


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