Replacement Dukane 41S30 Ultrasonic Welding Transducer 20kHz

The 20Khz high power Ultrasonic Welding Transducer , replacement converter for Dukane 41S30​ is applied to Dukane type ultrasonic welding machine.

 Replacement Dukane 41S30 Ultrasonic Welding Transducer 20kHz


The advantages of the transducer:

1. The transducer is assembled and debugged by a teacher with more than 30 years of installation experience. The assembly process is excellent and is the standard of the ultrasonic industry;

2. The consistency of the parameters of the transducer is very high, which provides convenience for customers to match the ultrasonic power supply;

3. The impedance is very small, less than 7 ohms, greatly reducing the heat and loss of the transducer;

4. The output amplitude is large, greater than or equal to 10 microns;

5. The energy conversion rate is greater than 95%;

6. The testing process is very rigorous, with an aging time of at least one week to ensure the stability of the transducer parameters.






20 khz

Output power

1000 watt - 3000 watt

Joint bolt


Ceramic disc Diameter

50 mm

Quantity of Ceramic discs

4  pcs


11000 pf


20 um


welding machine



Ultrasonic Converters and Ultrasonic Transducers are one in the same. There is one Ultrasonic OEM, Dukane Corporation, that uses the term Transducer. All of the other ultrasonic OEM manufactures such as Branson, Sonics and Materials, Rinco, Telesonics and Herrmann refer to these as Converters or Konverters.

Converters or Transducers all do the same thing…convert electrical energy to mechanical movement…so we have our electrical charge being introduced across the surface of the ceramics at the desired frequency which in turn gives us a movement or vibration at the working end on the converter.

The converter is threaded onto a booster, which increases, decreases or just transfers the amount of movement from the face of the converter to the horn or Sonotrode as we call it.


Factory workshop




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