70khz 100W Ultrasonic Welding Transducer

Description The ultrasonic generator converts the power supply into a electrical signal. This signal is applied to piezoelectrical ceramics (included in the converter) that will convert this signal into mechanical oscillations These oscillations will be amplified by the booster and converter,...
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70khz 100W Ultrasonic Welding Transducer

During the past half year, with many effort from the research development section of our company, at present we have successfully promote the intelligent card welding equipment substantially. After promotion, comparison with the former one, the properties of the equipment has been promoted highly, more stability, better in search the frequency at more wide range, and much better appearance. On the process using the former 60K/70K equipment, with the damage of the welding horn, the frequency would be altered.(the frequency is decided by the size of the product).When the frequency is altered to a certain degree, the ultrasonic generator would be difficult to coincide with the frequency, then influencing to the normal running of all the ultrasonic system.






Output power


Joint bolt


Ceramic disc Diameter

10 mm

Quantity of Ceramic discs

2 pcs


0.34~0.4 nf ,






Q:What is the difference between of Upside-down trumpet transducer and columnar type transducer ?

A:The upside-down trumpet transducer is mostly used for larger amplitude and bigger output power , high-sound intensity and high-power density application.

Q:What is the relation of ceramic and capacitance?

A:The size of ceramic will influence the capacitance of transducer.

 The bigger of outer Diameter, the bigger of the capacitance.

 The bigger of inner Diameter, the smaller of the capacitance.

 The thicker of ceramic rings, the smaller of the capacitance.

Q:Why my transducer broken, what kinds of reason will cause it?

A:There are many possible reasons. For example, overload power, overload voltage, overheat on the ceramic,etc..It depends, we suggest customer install the transducer at a good working environment and keep it cooling and clean.