60K Ultrasonic Spot Welding Machine For ABS Plastic And Other Plastic Welding

60K ultrasonic spot welding machine, which can be used for welding PP, PVC, PET, PS, ABS, PC, PA plastics and other plastics

60K ultrasonic spot welding machine for ABS plastic and other plastic welding

60khz 500w Ultrasonic spot welder (4)

60khz 500w Ultrasonic spot welder (30)


Thermoplastics are a welding method in which two pieces of plastic are welded together due to the friction and heat between the surface molecules under the action of ultrasonic vibration.

Note for welding of thermoplastics:

A. The tongue and tongue design ensures convenient alignment during the welding cycle.

B. The welding wire is designed to be slender, but there must be enough meltable material to fuse the welding surface. The specific design method depends on which workpiece equipment is used for welding. Welding pressure, vibration amplitude and other parameters are adjustable to ensure that the welding head can touch the welding surface and apply pressure. The lower workpiece is the pressure-receiving part and is placed in the bottom mold. The welding head produces high frequency ultrasonic waves, which makes the upper workpiece heat and vibrate, so it can be fused with the lower workpiece. After the welding head stops vibrating, the pressure is maintained to cool the melting position. The entire welding time is mostly less than one second.



Frequency60 Khz
Output Power500W
VoltageAC220V±10V Or AC110V±10V , 50/60HZ
Max Current15A
Power AdjustingStep or continuous
Weignt10-15 KG   ( Determined by the size of the horn )
Generatordigital generator







Payment allowance:


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