35khz Ultrasonic Transducer Replacement For Herrmann Type

The 35 kHz Replacement Ultrasonic Herrmann Converters 35/1000-S-IP65 Typeis applied to Herrmann type ultrasonic welding machine.

35khz ultrasonic transducer replacement for Herrmann type


The ultrasonic transducer is an extremely important and critical part of any ultrasonic test. Selection of the proper transducer for a particular application is most important. Factors including instrument conditions and settings, material properties, and coupling conditions will also impact test results. Transducers can be selected for sensitivity or resolution. Sensitivity is defined as the ability of a transducer to detect small defects in materials. Resolution is the ability of a transducer to separate signals produced by two reflectors when they are close together either perpendicular to the beam or parallel to the beam. A transducer that is highly damped helps shorten the reflected pulse allowing the transducer to resolve closely spaced defects. Transducer device manufacturers can provide focused transducers for improved sensitivity and resolution, and a large selection of polarized ceramic compositions, single crystals, polymers and piezo-composite materials to vary the transducer performance.






35 khz

Output power

1000 watt 

Joint bolt

M18 * 1.5




10 um


welding machine

Competitive Advantage:

1. Titanium, aluminum, steel materials of horn optional.

2. Once assembled, the transducers are aged before testing and final assembly. The properties of piezoelectric materials can change with time and pressure, so a bit of time on the shelf prior to testing will identify nonconforming material.

3. One by one testing to ensure that each transducer performance are excellent.

4. In good heat resistance, can be used in a wide range of temperature with long life and high reliability.

35khz ultrasonic transducer replacement for Herrmann type (3)







Payment allowance:


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